Invest in a lifetime of memories because let's face it, can you even remember what you ate for lunch last Tuesday?


Whether it's trying to figure out how many hours you need, which package best suits you, or if you really want all-day coverage, we're here to help. You may see that we have broken up packages into a few different options, but it's not a sales gimmick. It's based on actual wedding day experience. Believe it or not, we've done quite a few (hundred) weddings and after the first handful, you start to realize quickly what is needed to perfectly capture your day. We won't just leave you to roll the dice and select a package. Reach out and we'll be here to dive deep into the nitty-gritty details with you and find the perfect fit. 

We know this is the hardest part of your wedding but we're here to make this as smooth as butter (or coconut oil for our vegan friends). 

Budgets, spreadsheets, and bank accounts.

Weddings - $4,600
Couples Photos $475
Destination - $5,000*
Wedding Films - $2,500

Starting investment:

  • New photographer besties
  • Edited Images with love and detail poured into each and every photo
  • Full Hi-Res image downloads for life. No buying images so you can print them. They're your photos, so you can have them! 
  • Tips and tricks to look your best in every image while still being true to yourselves. 
  • Help with any little details and so much more! We'll send you our brochure once you reach out so you can see every little thing we offer.

So what do you get? 

We hired this amazing couple for our wedding on Catalina island and we could not be happier! They truly are the most genuine people you will ever meet and their photos are unreal!" 

the most genuine people
you will ever meet

- GABby g.

kind words