Hey, we're Hollow + Grace.

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Well enough about us. Now let's get to you.

We currently reside in a little cowboy town by the sea with a toddler and a crawler who are always close by... oh and a four-legged Siberian husky too. In our downtime, you can find us exploring a National Park, grabbing an oat milk latte at some hip coffee spot (but hey, Mickey D's joe is a close second), making memories with our little ones in our little city, visiting the Mouse and all his magic, and enjoying life with our families.

Well, buckle up.

So you made it this far and you still want to know more?

You may be wondering where you fit in here and what it's like to be a part of the picture (pun intended). You know how every great sitcom has that very comfortable (lovable) 3rd wheel? The Joey, the Barney, the Elaine & George, etc, etc. Well, that's basically what it's like when you invite us in to be a part of your day.

We get the honor and privilege to be right by your side for every moment and because we mesh so well—the awkwardness you might be imagining up is actually nonexistent. It's just like you're on a fun date with the one you love that we just so happen to be included on. Our time together will typically look a bit like us becoming fast friends, maybe some love songs playing softly in the background to relax your shoulders, a little dance, a whole lot of laughter, and you leave saying, "That was way more fun than I expected".

If you don't like your photos, you don't hire us, and we don't get paid and before you know it we're back to our high school days of wondering what we're going to do with our lives. So just remember, it's our job to make you feel comfortable and look good! So trust us, be yourself, and let's do this!

So if you think "I'm so awkward" or "I"m not photogenic" just remember this, we want you to look good because our lives depend on it...literally...

"Hollow and Grace are AH-MAZING. We had some bad experiences getting a photographer for our wedding in Los Angeles, CA, United States due to COVID and were about ready to give up when we saw their work online and Fell In Love."

“Sparknotes: Super talented, super professional, super friendly, and a GREAT deal!”

- Vanessa l.

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