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3 Reasons to Have a First Look

For Couples

Mar 15, 2022

Here are the reasons in a nutshell…then let’s unpack it.

• More Time for the Two of You
• It’s Still Special
• It Takes the Edge Off

So let’s talk about this.

We get it. You’ve seen the Instagram reels, you’ve witnessed firsthand at weddings and have watched it in every sappy rom-com of our lifetime. It’s the classic groom-balling-his-eyes-out-when-he-first sees-his-bride-come down-the-aisle scene. Yes, it’s special, heart-warming, tear-invoking goodness that’ll make you want to cut onions daily just to watch the groom do it all over again.

Well let me tell you as someone who’s come around to this new trend, a first look DOESN’T ruin that moment. We’re serious. Because a groom who’s going to cry at the top of aisle is the same groom who’s going to cry at the first look and honestly he’ll probably do it all over again somewhere mid ceremony so why not just let the tears flow. 
But here are 3 reasons why we support the first look for all our couples…

  1. More time for the two of you: 

Hear us out. No matter how well you plan your timeline, you’re still most likely going to be on a time crunch because cocktail hour can only last so long. Guests are hungry, family members are waiting to see you, and your bridal party is ready to tear up the dance floor. So with a first look, not only can you plan an indefinite amount of time for you two, but you also get to do all the bridal party photos in advance, which allows us to be more creative, allows your stress levels to diminish, and won’t cut into cocktail hour. YES. You’ll actually have the chance to catch a bit of your own cocktail hour!

2. It’s Still Special:

Like we said above, we get it. You want the raw emotion of your special someone seeing you for the first time. But you still get that! Your spouse-to-be will turn around and see you for the very first time and I guarantee that if they were going to cry at the top of the aisle, they’re going to cry when it’s just the two of you. Except now you’ll get to hold each other, kiss (unless you want to hold back until the vows) and wipe each other’s tears in an intimate setting. Plus you get to talk! Not just stare at one another while the officiant is the only one getting all the words in.

3. Takes the Edge Off:

Ahhh, and last but not least… it gets all the butterflies out of your stomach. You’ll be able to go and walk down that aisle knowing that you’re 100% ready to do this! Your photos are 99% done, and all you have to say is “I do”, “I will”, and “Woohoo!”

So those are our top three reasons that we’re advocates for a first look. Now if you decide to go the traditional route of locking eyes for the first time at the top of the aisle instead, just know we gotchu and we’re all for that as well! We love giving our couples the advantages of both ways of doing things, and while we’re 100% down for whichever you decide to run with, there’s definitely more pros than cons when choosing a first look. The ultimate goal of our job is to make your wedding day as seamless as possible on our end! 

Signing out,
Hollow + Grace

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